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Therapy Level l
(40 CEU'S)
Friday 6-10PM,
Saturday/Sunday  9AM-6PM
Friday 6-10PM,
Saturday/Sunday 9AM-6PM      

Cranial Somatic Therapy
combines the Osteopathic teachings of Dr. William Sutherland, the energetic teachings of Franklyn Sills and the resourcing/trauma resolution understandings of Peter Levine into a cohesive modality for assisting clients, friends and family.  This class will give foundation level understandings and techniques to assist in resolving physical, emotional, and mental issues in a gentle, safe, non-invasive manner.  Palpation skills will be learned to sense and work with Tidal fluctuation, Resourcing Stillpoints and Experiential Shapes and Patterns.  Wear loose fitting clothing and bring sheets and blankets.  Those students bringing a massage table will receive a $20 discount.


Introduction to Including a General Session.
(20 CEU's)
Friday 6PM-10PM, Saturday/Sunday 9AM- 6PM

Dr. Randolph Stone is the founder of Polarity Therapy and established a system of therapy based on the knowledge of the human being and the principles of life.  In this class you will learn different techniques for helping the whole of the body come into alignment in what is known as a "General session."   Please where loose comfortable clothes and bring a sheet and blanket.  Students bringing a massage table will be given a $10 allowance.

Reflexology Classes:

1st session:  (12 CEU's)
9AM-12PM   1-4PM
9AM-12PM   1-4PM

2nd Session:
 (12 CEU's)
June 13   9AM-12PM  1-4PM
June 27   9AM-12PM  1-4PM

Class Fees include Hand outs and Foot wall charts (19.95 value).  Workbooks are available for $30 each.  Classes are limited to 10 students.  Each student is required to furnish a towel and pillow.

Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to different glands, organs, and parts of the body. When these reflexes are stimulated with gentle, firm pressure, many health problems can be helped in a natural way.

Gloria Nowack, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist has studied reflexology since 1994. She is certified by the International Institute of Reflexology in the Ingram Method taught by Dwight Byers.


Reiki Classes

Reiki l (8 CEU's)
Potluck Lunch

Reiki ll  (6 CEU's)

Reiki lll (6 CEU's)
1:30 PM- 5:30 PM  

Please have a thorough working knowledge of Reiki ll Symbols and be able to draw them physically and energetically.

Mastery (6 CEU's)
9AM - 1PM  

Wear Loose Comfortable Clothing.

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